Self Storage Facts

Sizes to Suit

Storage items can be large or small, easy to stack or bulky and awkwardly shaped. That’s why we have over 75 units ranging from 9 to 40 square metres. You choose the space you need to fit your contents – whatever size or shape they are, and pack them away knowing they are protected in a safe, clean environment for as long as you want to pay the rent.

Maybe you have a classic car you wish to store, or in the process of refurbishment you put on hold for a while. We have a dedicated area for the storage of cars, trailers, motorcycles and other vehicles…

Our unit sizes are approximate in square metres. We can also provide custom sizes to cater for specific needs. Please contact us for more details.

Our Secure Site

Our self-storage units are all tidy, weatherproof, and most importantly, absolutely secure. Because you provide your own lock when you rent a unit, only you can ever enter that unit. That is a key benefit if self-storage.

All activity in and out of our storage centre is recorded on our CCTV system. 

Our facility is open from 7am to 7pm. Outside of these hours entry is not allowed.

We have found both these features major deterrents and as such have had no issues with burglaries.

Flexible Rental

You may need storage in a hurry.  For a short period of time, for months or for years. With Country Lane Storage it’s up to you. We offer complete flexibility of rental period, allowing you to stay as long as you want without having to commit to a fixed term lease.

Our minimum rental period is one month, with rental paid monthly in advance. You can continue to rent as long as you wish – simply give us two weeks notice if you decide to leave.

Please contact us for more details.


Privacy of content is an integral part of what makes self-storage different. With minor exceptions for safety reasons, what you put in your unit is up to you.  No one else need ever know what is in there, and your personal details remain confidential. You fill the unit, you lock it up and you keep the key.

As the unit is your private space, no one else is allowed access to view, move or use your goods, not even us.

9m2 - 15m2

Can store the furnishings of 1 - 2 bedrooms from $150 per month

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16m2 - 24m2

Can accommodate a 3 bedroom house from $220 per month

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25m2 - 40m2

Holds the contents of a 5 bedroom house from $270 per month

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Store your vehicle from $120 per month

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Can't find your storage requirements listed above?

We can prepare a personalised quote just for you

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Country Lane Storage

From space limitations to the desire to store treasured items in one clean, safe environment…the reasons why you need storage are endless. The solution is simple. Country Lane Storage - secure, easy to access, storage units you pack with all your precious items then lock up, using your own lock, so only you can ever enter your unit.

You can rent for short or long periods of time, choose from a range of unit sizes to suit your needs and in no time at all, have everything stored neatly in one tidy, clean, secure place which you can visit anytime between 7am and 7pm.

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