Packing and Storage Hints

Self-Storage Dos and Don’t

Most things can be stored, from household contents, to files and documents, stock and other commercial items, tools and equipment, sports equipment, cars and other vehicles, boats and trailers. 

We do not allow storage of goods that are illegal, stolen, inflammable, explosive, toxic, hazardous, perishable or environmentally harmful. This includes any kind of items that will attract vermin or that place any kind of risk to the property of any other person storing goods at this site, for example, gas, chlorine, acid, paint, petrol, LPG bottles (unless purged) and any goods that could leak. 


Having been in the business of storage for many years we have learnt a few things that maybe helpful when it comes to stacking and filling your unit.

  1. Before you start, make a floorplan then mark where items are located in your unit as you pack, so you can find them easily at any time.
  2. Make a list of all the items stored in your unit.
  3. The best use of space is to stack vertically.
  4. Start at the back with all the large, heavy items on the bottom, towards the back, lighter, fragile items on top and closer to the front. Put TVs and other electronics at the back.
  5. Put those items you most frequently need to the front of the unit.
  6. Cover furniture including mattresses for protection.
  7. Leave appliances slightly open to prevent mould and mildew. If these are to be stacked, always put folded cardboard, a blanket or rug between each layer to prevent scratching.
  8. Hang clothes in wardrobes  - this will prevent permanent creasing.
  9. Leave space between the stored items and the unit walls to ensure good ventilation.
  10. Stand items like mowers on flattened cardboard. This keeps the floor clean for subsequent users.
  11. Never store food, combustible or toxic items in your unit.
  12. Buy the best quality, well-made lock to protect your valuables.
  13. Insure your items. Remember to check with your existing insurer regarding your content. You may think you have adequate insurance, but items taken from your place and stored elsewhere may no longer be covered.

9m2 - 15m2

Can store the furnishings of 1 - 2 bedrooms from $150 per month

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16m2 - 24m2

Can accommodate a 3 bedroom house from $220 per month

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25m2 - 40m2

Holds the contents of a 5 bedroom house from $270 per month

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Store your vehicle from $120 per month

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Country Lane Storage

From space limitations to the desire to store treasured items in one clean, safe environment…the reasons why you need storage are endless. The solution is simple. Country Lane Storage - secure, easy to access, storage units you pack with all your precious items then lock up, using your own lock, so only you can ever enter your unit.

You can rent for short or long periods of time, choose from a range of unit sizes to suit your needs and in no time at all, have everything stored neatly in one tidy, clean, secure place which you can visit anytime between 7am and 7pm.

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